Enjoy Vacations At Home With The Right Rec Room And Patio Furnishings

rec room ideasWelcome to the revolution of value-minded people who are rediscovering wonderful entertainment opportunities with the right home decor in their rec rooms, decks and patios. With a little effort, anyone can turn these types of spaces into favorite gathering spots for family, friends and relatives. Having fun no longer means taking a fistful of $20 bills and going to the local pub or reserving a table at some high-priced dining establishment when your own economical, always-open gathering place is waiting patiently for the next party.

Many people I know have kind of ‘rediscovered’ the convenience and allure of home bars; not to mention the ‘coolness factor’. Although these can be tucked in just 2 or 3 feet of space, designated bar areas off of a kitchen or a great room can give adults a quiet place to gather for special treats, or to just chill and talk or watch TV before or after dining. Today’s preference in full-size home bars is seating for four or more and a mini-kitchen for cleanup convenience. You can also go for a ‘club room feel’ by installing a small wine cooler and a refrigerator, hanging up some neat track lighting, and making an intimate seating arrangement. Encourage conversation and laughter! Install a bar and add some stylish bar stools, or just buy a nice set of pub table and chairs. Put up a wall mounted beer or wine bottle opener, and you’re ready to entertain.

In addition, your deck or patio can become an outdoor living space, ‘expanding’ your house size and the number of visitors you can comfortably entertain. With a little creative home decorating, you can easily transform a hum-drum outdoor area into a welcoming oasis. The simple addition of a grill and a funky patio table and chairs becomes a sassy outdoor kitchen. Decorative railings in beautiful ornate wood, antique metals or colorful plastics can define different gathering areas while unique outdoor landscape lighting and string lights let the parties go on all night. By going all-out and adding a hot tub or spa, pool or sports court, you could end up with a private island of extravagance you may never want to leave. Of course the downside is that your friends and extended family may always be inviting themselves over share in the wealth!

Home decorating makes your home the destination! Rediscovering the many advantages of rec rooms, decks, patios and home bars is easy as you realize that your money goes further when you entertain at home. With a few special home decor touches, any game room can be turned into a fun and exciting party palace, outdoor areas become extra rooms and home pubs make entertaining relaxing and thrifty. Why battle traffic, spend tons of money and deal with inconveniences when home offers all these advantages?

The Essence Of Decorating Your Leisure Spaces

decorate family roomHome decorating is a concept that has been around almost since the birth of mankind. Even during nomad days, humans would personalize the area around them with decorative bits of bone, rocks or animal hide. This tradition has seen an evolutionary history almost as rich as our own species. Today, home decorating happens whether we consciously direct it or not it just looks a lot better when we do!

There are hundreds of books, videos, magazines and websites dedicated to home decorating ideas and tips, but the best place to start is with yourself. As a person, you already have likes and preferences, and even if your current thoughts for home are all utilitarian, there is a decorating theme that can fit you. Your job is find out what it is so you can play to your strengths.

Rather than perusing all of the resources to find what’s “hot” and try to conform to it, take note of the types of things you like. Are you a fan of more feminine patterns of flowers and lace? Do you prefer furniture and décor items that can serve two or more purposes? Do your walls have art from places around the world? All of these elements can help you decide how to decorate your home with purpose.

Of course, once you know your own tastes you will need a little guidance to pull off that professionally decorated look. At this point, it is time to start finding home decorating tips to suit your tastes. You may find that your likes fit a contemporary style, or that distressed or “shabby-chic” was practically made for you. As you start to put names to the things you “just like”, you can find more elements that fit the pattern and begin to build on a unique and stunning décor theme for your game room, home bar or patio.

patio ideas and tipsPatio Ideas And Tips

The patio is an area where many people struggle to find the best décor that fits their personal style. Whether it color scheme, lighting, materials or furniture choices, the outdoors are simply hard to decorate if you are inexperienced. Here are some tips to creating a patio the whole neighborhood will envy.

1. Worry about function first.
Many people make the mistake of starting their search with a color scheme in mind first. Then they will commonly run into the issue of “this chair and table set looks amazing and durable for such a low price…too bad it’s the wrong color.” To avoid this, search for sturdy, comfortable outdoor furniture in materials like metal or wood. If you want it a different color, just paint it!

2. Don’t overcrowd.
With so many patio ideas buzzing around it is hard not to buy everything that looks great in the pictures or at the store. Too bad once you get it home there’s no more patio left to stand – let alone invite guests to. Always keep the space limitations in mind when shopping.

3. Decide on just a few outdoor patio ideas.
Do not go shopping without a definition of the style and overall look you want. While you want to be a little flexible, having no clear idea of the look you want could lead to disaster.

Some of the best backyard patio ideas have been around for thousands of years. For example, tabletops and walkways inlaid with colorful seashells, stone and glass have been around since ancient Rome. Today you can have the look and still create a modern feel to your patio. Other options like tiki torches may seem exotic, but actually bring a flare of history to our humble space. Mixing old world or vintage elements for new functions is one of the hottest trends in patio decorating today.

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The Art Of The Game… Room

A game room can be the ultimate rec room for families, friends or the game enthusiasts. Many rooms contain the traditional games found in a rec room including a billiards table, dart board or air hockey table. However, in the age of game consoles such as PlayStation and Wii, game room ideas have extended far beyond the traditional games like chess and poker. Game rooms may include any kind of game as well as a combination of a few.

For instance, it is not uncommon to find a game table that converts into many games such as billiards, air hockey, shuffleboard and even a poker table. Such a room may also have a bar or other area to serve refreshments from popcorn to Sno Cones. Televisions are also common staples in game rooms, so it would be no surprise to find one’s favorite game console as part of an entertainment center.

A family game room will probably have more variety than a common rec room in order to accommodate the favorite games of each member as well as make sure the same game is not played twice within a certain time. In this case, there may be board games that are more traditional in the mix to encourage team play and togetherness. However, the less family friendly fare such as poker may be absent from this particular room.

Part of the fun of having game rooms is choosing the game room decor. Sports enthusiasts tend to show their pride with their favorite college and professional team colors and logos. Others may go for designs that are more traditional such as neon clocks or signs, which can be a good signal for fun. Some may prefer to have wall decorations that are common in most bars or other rec spaces to invite a good time.

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home bar stoolsBar Stools Are A Must-Have For Any Rec Room, Family Room Or Game Room
The humble bar stool is also a great piece of home furniture. It can be used in the bar, the kitchen, the recreation room and even on the patio. The reason why bar stools are such an excellent piece of seating is their versatility. Counter bar stools can be used in either a basement recreation room or a kitchen breakfast nook. Wooden bar stools fit in well with many kinds of kitchen décor and they look great on the deck too.

Since bar stools are small and easy to use they can be used throughout the home. Wooden bar stools can be used on both the deck and in the kitchen. Metal bar steels can be used to provide additional seating in the recreation room or a home bar.

Adjustable bar stools are even more versatile. They can be used in the recreation room or a home bar as well as in the kitchen. Since the height on adjustable bar stools can be adjusted they are an excellent seat for children to sit on.

Uses for Bar Stools in the Home

Bar stools are best used with informal home décor such as that in the kitchen or in a recreation room. In a less formal living environment such as a loft apartment, counter bar stools fit in perfectly. They could be used for seating in the kitchen and to provide extra seating for social events such as poker games.

The kitchen is a perfect environment for bar stools, because many adjustable bar stools have metal frames that match kitchen décor such as steel appliances. Wooden bar stools fit in well with many kitchen cabinets. When a matching table is used, bar stools make a perfect seating arrangement for a small kitchen.

A pub table with bar stools can easily be moved outside to sit on a deck or patio. This makes it a perfect place to eat dinner outside or enjoy some barbecue. A pub table with bar stools can easily be set on an apartment balcony or deck. The bar stool may actually be a better seating solution for many homes than for many bars. Especially when it is combined with a pub table.

home bar ideas

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Pub Tables Fit Well With Game Room Decor



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Red Bar Stools Really Stand Out (In A Good Way!)

A classic piece of American décor that adds a great classic retro look to your home is the red bar stool. Red leather bar stools were a common fixture in the diners, corner bars and soda fountains of 20th century America.

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Saddle Bar Stools Combine Comfort With Style

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Be Unique And Save Money With Unfinished Bar Stools

One thing I’ve suggested to a few friends who were outfitting a man cave or game room on a limited budget was to take a look at unfinished bar stools. These can be a great way to stretch your dollar and create a unique look.  Since they haven’t had to go through a paint, varnish or . . . → Read More: Be Unique And Save Money With Unfinished Bar Stools

Iconic Adirondack Chairs Are Never Out Of Style

The iconic Adirondack chair.

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If You Want To Go Formal, Go With French Bar Stools

A bar stool doesn’t have to be a boring piece of functional basic seating. French bar stools are stylish carved wood chairs that look great in the most elegant of homes. These kitchen bar stools make perfect seating in the kitchen of a gourmet and they fit right in with classic kitchen cabinets. French bar stools look just as good in the American country kitchen as the French country kitchen. . . . → Read More: If You Want To Go Formal, Go With French Bar Stools

Offer Your Guests Comfort And Style With Upholstered Bar Stools

Upholstered bar stools are generally more comfortable than wooden or other plain bar stools. The most common rec room, game room or home bar stools are those with a metal frame and an upholstered seat. Most people prefer upholstered stools because they look good and look more comfortable to sit on. In particular, upholstered bar stools . . . → Read More: Offer Your Guests Comfort And Style With Upholstered Bar Stools

A Gyro Ceiling Fan Makes A Bold Statement In A Game Room

There is another kind of antique-looking ceiling fan that many people won’t be that familiar with. A gyro ceiling fan is a ceiling fan that has two blades instead of one. This enables the fan to circulate the air and cool off a much larger area.

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Mizerak Pool Tables – A Top Choice For Rec Rooms

Mizerak is one of the leading manufacturers of pool and billiard tables in the United States today. Its pool tables, pool cues and billiard cues can be found for sale in multiple places.

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Consider An Antique Ceiling Fan For Your Game Room

It is possible to order a working antique ceiling fan by going online. There are a number of websites that sell restored antique ceiling fans directly to the public.


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