My Recommendations For 34 Inch Bar Stools

I’m sure it’s obvious from their name, but I’ll say it for the record: 34″ bar stools are bar stools that measure 34 inches, or about two and a half feet, from seat to floor. Many times in home stores or online these bar stools are referred to as being ‘extra tall bar stools’. The 34-inch height is really good and comfortable for people who are taller than average, and these stools are also the correct height you will need if you are going to put them up next to a counter top or around the higher bar table styles. This is also the seat height that is perfect for use as kitchen or breakfast bar stools.

On the practical side though, you need to keep in mind that these taller bar stools will take up slightly more space than shorter stools; especially if you are considering the type that I prefer – the ones that swivel, have padded seats and a back and armrests. These look really nice and they are definitely a heck of a lot more comfortable to sit in. Another plus is that these larger bar stools will usually be made of heavier wood or thicker metals so they are sturdier and stand up to more wear and tear. Of course, this also makes them more bulky and they take up more space. So, one big drawback to this type of seating will be that they are much harder to stow away since they usually can’t be placed under counters or tables. But, if you’re like me, you may not really want to hide this type of seating due to the fact that they usually look more like regular chairs so they will be much easier to match with your décor scheme and other furniture so they will be decorative as well as functional.

Simpler 34 inch bar stools are also available in ‘backless’ versions, and these will take up less space, be less cumbersome to move around and will be easier to store because they can be placed underneath counters or tables. These are always good for a retro feel and there are also neat choices that would work well with a more modern style if that’s what you prefer.

American Heritage Capri Swivel Bar Stool. This is one good-looking stool! It’s hand-painted in a color called ‘dark pepper’ and the thick, soft leather cushion comes in a deep bourbon color and feels great on your rear-end. Hmmm, pepper and bourbon – what a great combo! The frame is all-steel and is fully welded so it’s very sturdy and can handle some wear and tear, like being moved around a lot or kids climbing up and down and up and down… it’ll probably even withstand being kicked over once or twice when your favorite team loses on a last-second play. (smile)

I like stools that swivel so I can alternate between watching the TV, carrying on a conversation and goofing around with the kids. And I like stools that have backrest and a footrest because it’s comfortable and kinda makes me feel like Captain Kirk in his command chair. And this stool has all three of those features. The backrest has a nice design with a wooden insert, so it looks nice from the back as well as the front. The feet have floor glides that are adjustable, which is nice if your floor is an uneven surface like tile or stained concrete.

You do have do a little bit of assembly, but not much – it’s a trade-off that makes shipping cheaper and more secure, and it’s worthwhile.

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Raquel Bar Stool. These are some fine stools for the price. The satiny-silver metal legs and chair back are made of a good gauge of steel and are finished in a baked-on powder coating of metallic paint that the manufacturer refers to as a ‘platinum’ color. These stools look sleek and modern, and the cushioned seats – covered in a black microfiber cloth – present a sweet contrast to the brighter metal. You kind of get a yin/yang thing going on here with the industrial-styled stool frame playing off the organic-feeling fabric seat. Plus, they swivel and I like my stools to swivel!

Cloth isn’t my favorite to keep clean though, especially if you have kids around that like to spill Kool-Aid or set ice pops down as they climb up on a stool; so I’d keep that in mind. The steel tubing looks to have strong welds at all the joints, but hey, welded steel is only as good as the welds, so I wouldn’t suggest standing on these to replace light bulbs or hang wallpaper borders, if you know what I mean… You do have to do some simple assembly on these stools, but it’s just screwing the three sections of the stool together.

All-in-all I think these are a good choice, and Amazon’s got the best pricing on these that I’ve seen online. Click here to buy from Amazon.

The Blok Contemporary Adjustable Bar Stool.   I like this bar stool mainly because of it’s clean, straightforward design of chrome and black. This allows it to fit in with modern as well as traditional room styles, though I’d say it edges towards being a little more contemporary. It has a nicely padded seat which is covered in a faux-leather – a good choice for easy maintenance. It also swivels, has a backrest and a footrest, and the height is adjustable from just under 34″ to almost 43″. Nice!

The only real negative is that because it weighs in at just around 20 lbs, I’m not so sure it’s going to pass the ‘won’t-tip-over-on-your-little-kid’ test. Other than that though, I really like this one.

Pros: nice design, E-Z maintenance seat material, swivel, backrest, footrest, adjustable gas lift, rubber-padded bottom.

Cons: May not be your best choice if you have kids climbing all over the place.

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